Monday, March 22, 2010

Why is this so complicated?

Here is the dog muzzle I want:

I can buy it from France for €14.99. Plus €47.99 for shipping and handling. Hmmmmmmmm... Not so much.

Or, here is the muzzle I can buy here in Canada:

What a sad design. Obviously any dog with half a brain will get it off in one move. Especially a short-necked dog like Tinky-Winky.

And of course by "here in Canada" I don't mean here in Yellowknife. Allegedly there's a pet store somewhere, but I'd have to look for it, and that means going out and driving around Yellowknife, and I'm not doing that.

Whatever. I'll just copy the French pattern myself. Save some money.


Megan said...

Sorry you're dealing with all of this.

If you change your mind and decide to check out the pet store, you'll find it downtown in the mall across the street from CIBC. I don't think that mall has a name, but the stores facing the street are Sasha's Jewellery and a flower shop. The pet store is down the hall, near the back. I have no idea how much a muzzle like that would cost, but I assume they sell them, because I've seen dogs wearing muzzles.

Mongoose said...


flyingfisher said...

Have you thought of a "gentle leader"? You can ask NannyOgg about it. She had used one on the guide dog in training they had living with them. The dog can open his mouth, but the way that lead works is that if the dog pulls the leash tightens and pulls the muzzle - and I think temporarily tightens around the muzzle. It is for training (to not pull on the lead) and for curbing aggression. Here are two examples and the original one here:

Mongoose said...

The halters aren't designed to keep the mouth closed, and also you have to pull on them to do anything. She's off-leash most of the time, there won't be anything pulling on her.