Sunday, June 7, 2009


First of all, note once again the time stamp. 22:16, Big Zoom, no flash. Thank you, Spy Camera and high latitudes.

Second, this ring-billed gull swallowed a whole fish the length of its own body and still alive in about 82 seconds. Seriously. And I don't know jack about fishes, but they're pretty heavy creatures, whereas this gull probably weighs about one pound. And it ate the whole thing, just like that.

Third thing that amazes me, the other gull made no attempt to steal the fish. This is one thing I like about gulls, when you see them scavenging for trash in town they're always fighting and being jackasses, but in a more natural setting they're good people. I'm guessing these two are a couple and the one eating the fish is the female, otherwise I can't imagine why the other gull would meekly let it eat an entire fish all by itself.

And then the gull waddled down to the river and tried to wash the fish down with water. Hmmmm... I think this calls for an Alka-Seltzer, you gull. And you know what, they must have some pretty serious stomach acid to be able to digest the bones out of that fish. I don't think they'd eat fish if they had to crap the bones out undigested.

In conclusion, as much as I like seagulls, you can't have a seagull without a LOLZ.