Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I can't believe she ate the whole thing

Tinky-Winky seemed off her feed the last few days. She didn't even eat her soup bone on the weekend, which annoyed me because I don't like her wasting meat. So, to try to get her to eat more, today I got her a treat: a little hip steak. Granted a hip steak isn't the tastiest part for human consumption, but still, it was a steak, from Canada AAA beef. Some dogs get to eat tripe and other offal, or just kibble their whole life. My dog eats real meat every day, and a Canada AAA steak once in a while. I think she's got it pretty good.

Anyway, I gave her this little steak, which I think was about 50 g. There are three in the package, so she can have more tomorrow. I thought she'd be at it a while, enjoy herself, all that... I was wrong.

She swallowed it whole. Like a bird eating a fish. Just put one end in her mouth and kept swallowing it until it was all gone in her stomach.


I didn't even know her stomach was that big.


She expected her regular dinner on top of that, too. And I gave it to her. And she ate half of it, which is another 150 calories or so.


I think I'd better get up early tomorrow so we can have a long morning walk... She's gonna have a lot of crapping to do.

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