Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shiba: 3, human: 0

I thought I was ever so clever and bought a cat harness instead of a dog muzzle. Because really, if you turn it upside down, a cat harness looks exactly like the muzzle I want.

So I put it on the dog to try it out, adjusted so I can get a finger underneath in accordance with the Interwebs.

The dog didn't move. Just looked at me with an inscrutable look.


very calmly,

she took her evil little paw,

and wiped the muzzle off in one fell swoop.

Zut alors.

Ok, I tightened it and put it back on.

The dog didn't move, just looked at me with a longer, more inscrutable look.

Then she swiped at the muzzle and it didn't move.

"Victory!" I thought.


In two tries, she got a claw under the muzzle and took it off again.


Fine. I tightened it as much as I dared. She could still open her mouth, enough to lick her nose anyway. The strap sit close to her eyes so that gives her a bit of an angle at the toothy end.

So this time, she licked her nose, and then tried to take the muzzle off, and it stayed on.

She sat and thought about it for a while.

"Great," I thought, "she's just gonna get used to it."

Then she got up, walked away from me, put her head down, and I didn't even see how she did it, but she got the stupid thing off again.


Fine. I see what needs to be done, I think... I can put some side straps to run from about the 3 and 9 positions on the nose strap to the neck strap. Fairly low on the neck strap, so it's not in her field of vision, but high enough to stop the nose strap from pivoting. Only thing is, I don't have materials here in Yellowknife.

Just you wait till we get home, you wily one... I'll get you yet.


Anonymous said...

Would it have been fair game for the owner of the other dog to kick, choke, hit with a 9-iron or whatever your dog?

Mongoose said...

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My comment at this time is that anyone who can hit a nine-iron into a dog fight and be certain they won't be hitting their own dog would have brand endorsements coming out their arse and bodyguards to break up dog fights for them.