Saturday, December 12, 2009

Things I love about my shiba

Tinky-Winky weighs 22 lbs. Ideally, according to her vet and her breeder, she's "supposed" to weigh 20 lbs. Except her breeder lives on Vancouver Island and I don't think the vet spends a lot of time walking shibas in winter. In my opinion, Tinky-Winky is like a tiny polar bear: she needs that extra 10% to keep warm during the eight months a year that it's winter.

Also, she has a much thicker winter coat than southern shibas. I read blogs of people who own shibas in... Texas, or places like that, and their shibas are thin with little silky coats. That's nice. It's not suitable for here, and I don't think it's very authentic, either, because Japan is pretty cold in winter. Tinky-Winky grows a nice thick winter coat. It's still nice and silky to the touch, but it looks a lot shaggier than those Texas shibas.

Anyway, I'm not on about her coat here. I'm talking about her weight. 22 lbs. 22 lbs is a good weight when you have to carry your dog around the block to relieve herself. Considering I really wanted a Malinois (75 lbs) or an akita (up to 120 lbs), I'm sure glad I chose a shiba instead. It's the smallest dog breed I ever considered (*) and I'm reaping the rewards now.

*: I considered getting a chihuahua and naming her "Candy", to soften my butch image, but I wasn't serious about that. A chihuahua just wouldn't be me at all.

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