Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One shiba is better than two

You know what I notice about people who complain about their shiba problems? Most of them seem to try to resolve these problems by getting another shiba.


Ok: that's dumb.

First of all, like my old mentor used to say, one dog is a dog, two dogs is a pack. Two dogs aren't twice as much trouble as one: they're exponentially more trouble.

Second, people don't have shiba problems. It's the shibas that have people problems. If you're creating problems for your shiba as it is, getting another one means you're just creating problems for two shibas. Yay you.

And third, shibas are monogamous. They're not huskies or labs. Their weltanschauung is one shiba, one person. Tinky-Winky has never taken to anyone we've lived with, and she'd hate for us to get another dog. Although she'd like to have an alpha male human in our pack again, she's strictly my dog, and that's how we both like it. Not all of them are as strict about it as Tinky-Winky, but they're not affection whores and they're not big on sharing.

Get one shiba. No, don't get a shiba. Most people are crappy dog people. Get a lab. But if you get a shiba, and you have problems with it, deal, or get a lab instead. Don't get two shibas just because you're having problems with one shiba. That's patently absurb.

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