Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Like mother, like daughter

Ok, so Tinky-Winky was in a more aggressive dog fight this weekend. A loose dog approached me while Tinky-Winky was away from me. She hates having another dog closer to me than she is, so that wasn't good. The loose dog actually had very good dog manners. He came up quietly behind me to sniff my butt, and when he saw I had a dog with me, he waited for her side-on and not looking at her directly.

Tinky-Winky approached straight, looking at him, with her ears up. Oops, that's bad. I asked her to desist, but no, she lunged at the other dog. Double oops: he's much bigger, and she's totally out of practice fighting. She used to be invincible even against bigger dogs. Now, not so much. He threw her down, she got back up and went at him again, and then I managed to grab his collar and ordered everyone to quit. And they did. And I wasn't even surprised. Cesar is right: if I'm in control, there is nothing for these two to fight about. Doesn't matter that I controlled the dog that's theoretically not under my control.

So, then I asked the loose dog to leave, which he did, and admonished Tinky-Winky, and resumed walking. She took a few steps and then came to sit down in front of me in her "please carry me" pose.



I could see she was hurting somewhere, because she was holding her head funny, but she obviously not mortally wounded, and she started it, so, no sympathy. I told her as much, too. "You had no business starting that," I told her. "That dog was being polite. I'm not going to cuddle you for starting a fight."

However much of that she understood, she took off on our regular path again, still holding her head funny. Once we got home, I looked at her, and it appears she got her ear bit. Not much, but dog ears bleed quite a bit, so she looked somewhat worse off than she was. I wiped the blood and put some Bactine on the bite, and then I petted her and cuddled her.

On the one hand, it's not funny, and of course puncture wounds are apt to get infected, blah blah blah.

And on the other hand, it's somewhat funny, first because she needs putting in her place when it comes to fights. The more fights she loses, the more she thinks twice about trying again. But more importantly, because if I'm not mistaken, her mother was never shown due to losing an ear in a dog fight at a young age. And her grandmother, though nearly blind and deaf by now, makes a daily habit of antagonizing a Newfoundland dog on her street.

Still, I hope to get one of her bloodline when she passes away.


Anonymous said...

Your dog sounds dangerous! I don't think she should be allowed off leash at all! It might just be a matter of time before she kills another dog, or a cat... I am glad you love her and have improved her disposition, but if your dog attacked me, or my dog, I would probably sue you for the vet bill! Please take more care when you are out with your unpredictable dog!

I think you subsitute your dog for human relationships.

I am worried about your mental health.

Mongoose said...

No one has ever incurred a vet or medical bill in connection with my dog and she's terrified of cats, so not likely she'd ever hurt one. She runs from them.