Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mohandas Doggy

The place where the dog fight happened is on Gaetz Drive, and we walk through it every walk, so we had to go through there five times this weekend. The next walk after the fight, Tinky-Winky hesitated and looked carefully down the street as far as she could, and seeing there was no dog, she zoomed through where the fight happened. That's odd, in that it's the first time I've seen her show a memory of where she's had a fight.

The next walk, however, when she looked around the area, she saw a loose dog. Not the same loose dog, mind you, but she came running back to me. Well, fine, she's supposed to do that when there is a dog. I declined to put her leash on her and told her to just walk alongside of me. But no: she insisted on being picked up. Curiouser and curiouser... She only asks to be carried when she's hurting, usually from cold feet, or tired from too much walking. Yet, that was clearly not the problem. No, she insisted on being picked up, and looked anxiously back and forth between me and the loose dog.

Ok, I picked her up. And carried her past the loose dog, who was minding his own business. And she watched the dog the whole time. Once we were past the fight area, I set her down again, and she took off happily again.


I'm so impressed that my dog would ask me to carry her to make sure she doesn't get in a fight. No, she's not an aggressive dog. She's a dog who attacks when she feels threatened. Like any other dog. All that's needed to keep her safe is to remove perceived threats.

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