Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Your opinion notwithstanding

Apparently, some people don't "believe" in dominance.


How about stupidity? Do you believe in that? How about pork and beans? Snow? Clouds? Money? Cheese? The colour blue? You believe in all these things? Ha. What a gullible sucker you are.

"Dominance" isn't something you can "believe in" or not, because you can just see it with the naked eye. If you've ever had, say, parents, or babysitters, teachers, or bosses, you're aware that some people are better than others at making decisions and having others implement them. Or if you're not aware of that, feel free to start believing in stupidity.

Really, though. It's not a matter of opinion. It's not a matter of semantics, either. Call it "leadership", "charisma", "presence", "dominance" or whatever else, everyone can see it. There isn't even a species barrier in leadership. Whenever two or more creatures have the power to make decisions, one of them will be the most able of the lot, and thus the leader. Like a dog and 20 sheep. Or a kingbird and a hawk.

Other than very stupid people, maybe the exception is the limp-wristed Oprah generation, the people who believe that "leadership" necessarily implies being an arsehole, and that emotional drama should take priority over necessary action. I suspect those people can't see leadership, because they're too busy with their touchy little feelings. Then again they don't have any leadership either, so it might rather suit them if it would stop existing altogether. Though that still doesn't explain their weird denial problem. Just because I have no cheese right now doesn't mean I can deny the existence and/or the validity of cheese.

Leadership is. It's not like transubstantiation, which requires "belief". Leadership just is. Like cheese, like pork and beans, like stupidity, and like the colour blue.

Dogs know this. The fact that you don't is irrelevant to your dog. The dog knows that leadership is, and that whoever has the most of it calls the shots. And since it's not you, obviously, it's him. And if you can't grasp that, then not only is the dog more charismatic, he's smarter than you, too.

I could sure go for some pork and beans just now.

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