Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tinky-Winky's new bed

Tinky-Winky has a habit of tearing her blankets. She tries to shape her bed, then she gets frustrated and obsessive and just shreds everything. I used to buy fleece blankets for her, and she went through a large number of them. Then, earlier this year, I gave her a comforter I had had for 13 years.

Clearly, she was pleased with her new bed. Nonetheless, after a month she had reduced it to this:

Hmmmmm... I gave her another comforter I had had for 17 years. She shredded that one too. Then, I was out of comforters and she had only one fleece blanket left. So, I sewed the fleece blanket into a rectangular bag, and stuffed it with all the batting she had torn out of the two old comforters. Thusly:

I didn't have time to finish the last seam, so it's open at one end, which allows her to knock the stuffing out of it. And she seems to enjoy this system, so I never did bother finishing that seam. I'm thinking of putting in a zipper instead.

In any case, after five weeks the bed looks like this:

Amazingly, it's not getting ruined. She hasn't even been trying to tear it. She paws at it a little, enough to make a depression to fit herself, then she just sleeps like a normal creature. At last, I've solved her OCD problem!

That being said, when she found the remains of her old bed, she dragged them back into the middle of the room and slept on them. So now she has two beds: the new one for being comfy, and the old one for going nuts and shredding everything.

I think she's got it pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

That's almost exactly what I did for Sully. He dug through his old bed, so I recycled the stuffing and put it inside a meter of fleece. He loves it (probably because he can shape it at will) and it's ultra durable.