Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who needs a spaniel?

Technically, a shiba is a hunting dog. Tinky-Winky is a wicked mouser, a good digger after ground varmints, and an enthusiastic flusher of game birds. Back home in Hay River she usually flushes spruce grouse, but in this photo, she's after a flock of willow ptarmigan.

You can't really tell because I cropped the photos, but if I'd had a gun, I would have missed these three birds. They're all off to the right in the photos, so I would need to lead way more. With a camera, though, that came out pretty good. First time I've successfully photographed ptarmigan on the wing.

(That being said, Tinky-Winky doesn't like her prey taken away from her, so I'd have to get a second dog to do the retrieving.)

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