Thursday, November 19, 2009


I share my food with Tinky-Winky. I figure, she makes up 15% of the weight of our pack, so she can have up to 15% of my food. Except she has to get it last, after I'm done with it. So, usually when I'm eating she sits near me and stares, and I leave the last bite or two for her.

Except, some times I forget. Then I'm chewing on the last bite of food and I happen to meet her trusting little eyes looking at me in the full knowledge that I've left food for her, the faithful pack follower.


Some times I keep eating the food, because, you know, it's my food, and I give her plenty of her own.

A lot of times, I spit the food out and give it to her. Seriously.

Maybe I could go to a nice steak house, eat a big steak, and then regurgitate it for her. Wouldn't that be a great way to reinforce our pack bond?

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