Sunday, November 8, 2009

This is she

This is Tinky-Winky, the hero of this blog. "Tinky-Winky" is her online name. Yes, my dog has her own online alias.

Tinky-Winky is a Canadian and American champion and one of the most successful shibas in Canada in her day, as was her late lamented father before her, and one of her sons since. She's also the mother of three litters. Some of her puppies and grand-puppies are showing successfully in places such as Montreal, Texas, and Argentina. Her first great-grand-puppies were born in 2007. She also has lots of cousins.

Born in 1999, Tinky-Winky came to live with me when she was retired from breeding at six years old. We've had some talks about dominance and aggression, and now after four years together, she's the world's most perfect dog.

At least she's the most perfect thing in my world.

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