Sunday, February 13, 2011

The bed that survived

Tinky-Winky is a great shredder of blankets. She went through five in our first four years together, and I mean "through". And through and through and through. Plus some really good quality towels that I was using as a draft stopper and she mistook for a dog bed.

Being the perfect dog she is, though, she never goes through my blankets. Occasionally she'll inadvertently tear my comforter a bit, but she never goes to town on my stuff like she does on her own.

Anyway, about a year and a half ago, I took her last un-shredded blanket, folded it in four, stuffed it with all the stuffing from two comforters (one queens, one double) that I had given her and she had destroyed, and sewed the sides shut.

Miraculously, she still has that bed. No holes or tears in it. And she sleeps on it all the time. She actually stopped sleeping on the couch ever since she's had that bed. She rarely even sleeps on my bed anymore. She does still have some shredded remains of her own blankets that she likes to shred even more when the mood strikes her, but she doesn't shred her bed.

I guess she must really like it.

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