Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things I love about my shiba

Tinky-Winky is scared of cats.

Why do I love that? I don't know. Because she's such a badass mofo with everyone else, I guess. She can fight any size dog. She can kill varmints by the score. She doesn't mind porcupine quills one bit. She has a lifelong dream of fighting a beaver. She's even chased foxes before.

And she's scared of cats.

Last Sunday our locks were being changed, so she was watching the guy do that, when a neighbour let two pugs out into the hallway. Tinky-Winky is cool with the pugs, but she still had to put on her big-dog face. I held her, just in case, until the pugs were gone, and then she went and inspected the hallway to make sure they didn't mess with her territory.

Then, another neighbour let out a tiny little cat. It scampered up and down the hallway, not paying attention to anyone.

Tinky-Winky trotted back to me as fast as she could, hugging the wall and looking over her shoulder every few steps to see if the cat was after her.

It was a tiny cat.

It's just cute that she can put the fear of God into a doberman but she's scared of a tiny cat.

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I love it!