Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reader question: is it really "Cesar's" way?


I don't think he makes that claim, either. Yes that's the title of the book, but if you look inside the book he does say that it's just the dogs' way.

There are many Dog Whisperers and they all do the same thing: the dogs' way. Cesar is just way sexier than the rest.

Likewise there are many Horse Whisperers and they all do the same thing: the horses' way.

And the horses' way is the same as the dogs' way.

It's not anyone's way or any species' way. It's The Way. The Tao.

And this is why you can't really learn "Cesar's way" by reading his books or watching TV. Because the Tao that can be taught is not the real Tao. If you know the Tao, you can see that Cesar is right. If you don't know the Tao, you can imitate Cesar, but it's not the same.

Like I keep saying, leadership is a way to be, not something to do. Maybe all there is to leadership is knowing The Way.


Anonymous said...

mmm. Cesar IS sexy. I like it when he skates around on those fun roller-skate do-dads.

Megan said...

I've GOT to see this guy's show.

Mongoose said...

I highly recommend it. Even if you don't care about dogs, he IS a sexy man.