Saturday, April 28, 2012

You know what I've noticed?

Tinky-Winky doesn't know how to make puppy-dog eyes.

I'm serious.

Right now we're housesitting Carter again, and he's giving me puppy-dog eyes as I type. Who knows why. Otis gives me puppy-dog eyes. Dexter, Freddy and Baron make puppy-dog eyes.

Tinky-Winky? Never. I don't think I've ever seen her make puppy-dog eyes. If she wants something, she gives the Command Bark and expects things done. She doesn't believe in having to ask twice. And she always looks wide-awake, with a big smile. There is no doubt in her little one-track mind that I will immediately do whatever it is she wants. As she gets older and more cuddly, she's getting into the habit of whining for attention, but even when she's whining, her facial expression is nowhere near "puppy-dog eyes."

I guess begging isn't really a notion she understands. How very like her.

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