Monday, September 27, 2010

Rebuttal from the "puggle" people: "die, bitch!"

I think that was more or less it, but really I didn't waste my time on reading too much of it. One guy apparently went through every bit of information about me that can be found online so he could construct a lengthy essay on why my life sucks. Clearly, a potent rebuttal to my opinion on "designer dogs" and the arseholes who breed them.

So, statistically, 100% of a self-selected sample of "puggle" owners not only have lousy literacy skills, but are also really rude, mean people who don't know how to respond to an argument.

Curiouser and curiouser, isn't it? I know all kinds of very normal people who own mutts, and yet everyone I know, even marginally, who owns a "designer dog" is apparently a nasty moron.

You gotta lay off that "designer dog" shit; clearly it's ruining your mind.


Megan said...

What the heck???

Mongoose said...

Funny how I attract that kind of people, isn't it? I should get my own TV show: "the Asshole Whisperer." I'd be all nice to them for half an hour, and then right at the end of the episode, as they're walking out, I'd hit them really hard with a 2x4. Pwnage!

Mr. Puggle® said...

My concern was sincere. Just know I truly care. I see an amazing person who loves animals and nature. I hope you find peace and use your razor sharp literacy skills to make this a better world. I am sorry I upset you so much. Wishing you to die is the farthest thing I want for you. I am sorry that is what you got out of my message. I am a woman by the way. I won't post again. Please know, if you ever want to talk, I would be happy to. I pray you have a happy and blessed life.

K9Trainer said...

Rofl. <3