Monday, June 21, 2010

Things I love about my shiba

Shiba Shedding Time.

Shibas blow their coat twice a year. How much coat is on a shiba? I'm thinking, about five times the size of the dog itself. There is seriously a lot of hair on the creature.

Most people I read have some kind of aggressive shedding brush to speed up the process. I've never tried them, but it looks unpleasant. Personally, I use a nice, regular, soft brush on my Tinky-Winky when she's shedding. And I brush her very softly, for as long as she's willing to lie still. Most days I can only brush one side, because she'll fall asleep while I'm brushing her, and I don't want to turn her over.

It takes longer to shed her out that way, but it makes her comfortable. Like a whole-body scalp massage. And because she's not a cuddly dog usually, that's my opportunity to cuddle with her without her noticing. And she only likes being brushed when she's shedding, so I definitely make the most of Shiba Shedding Time.

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